What Are Different Child Resistant Drug Packaging Solutions?

Posted by in Packaging on Aug 25, 2021

What Are Different Child Resistant Drug Packaging Solutions?

If you have children, then you need to be extra careful when it comes to keeping medicines and stuff like marijuana at home. Since kids don’t understand the complications of certain types of drugs, they might want to use them in your absence. Instead of running to the hospital after it’s done, you can take precautionary measures well in advance and look for unique child-resistant drug packaging solutions for keeping critical medicines and marijuana stake safely at home. 

Unique Child Resistant Drug Packaging Solutions:

If you have certain drugs for elderly parents or yourself that need to be sprayed from time to time, then you can keep them in child-resistant spray bottles. Don’t use normal sprays for this purpose as they can be easily opened by anyone. The child-resistant sprays have additional caps to cover the head so that even if your child touches them, he is unable to use them easily. 

For medicines, you can use child-resistant sliders that are equipped with the press-to-engage mechanism. It means that the slides of these pouches will align with their ridges after you have passed them down. Although you can use these pouches easily, a 5-6-year-old won’t be able to do so because of the PTE mechanism. The best thing about these sliders is that they are reusable. So, you can keep them in the house and use them for storing different medicines or even your raw marijuana stack. 

Re-closable CR cartons are also considered medically safe to store pharmaceutical products at home. Some other options that you can have a look at for keeping medical supplies and drugs safe are Medlock pouches, containers, and bottles. All of these products are sturdy and not that easy to open for young kids. At the same time, they last for a long time, which means that once you invest in them once, you don’t have to worry about buying new child-resistant medical packaging solutions for a long time. So, take a look at these options and choose the ones that fit the bill as per your requirements.

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