Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents

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The United States Census Bureau notes that an annual average of 10.6 million motor vehicle accidents was reported over the course of five years, starting from 2005 to 2009. This number proves that traffic accidents are a common occurrence across the nation. Of particular note is the fact that a huge chuck of these accidents are caused by drunk driving. As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol-impaired driving has led to roughly 10,000 deaths in the year 2012. This doesn’t account for the other accidents that left victims severely injured.

A Milwaukee car accident lawyer will probably have spent a lot of time considering these facts. It’s easy to see why state and federal governments are hard pressed on their commitment to prevent drunk driving accidents. Over the last decade, the implementation of traffic policies regarding alcohol-impaired driving has been a lot more stringent. In the same way, the penalties met by those charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) have also become strict.

An example of these policies is the growing presence of sobriety checkpoints established in several states across the country. Here, law and traffic enforcers can pull over vehicles and check for the driver’s condition through breathalyzer and sobriety field tests. They are particularly looking for drivers that are operating their vehicles while they have a blood alcohol content or BAC level that goes beyond what is recognized to be safe and legal. For private individuals, it’s illegal to drive while having a BAC level at or above 0.08 percent. Meanwhile, individuals that are operating commercial vehicles should recognize the 0.04 percent limit. According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, drivers under the age of 21 are under a zero tolerance policy. Any trace amount of alcohol found in a driver under the legal drinking age is grounds for a DUI.

For individuals caught for alcohol-impaired driving, the penalties they face include having to pay a significant amount of fines, some time in prison or jail, and a period of suspension. Such consequences cannot compare to those suffered by drunk driving accident victims. Louisville car accident lawyers would probably also note that victims are left to suffer physical and emotional trauma, as well as financial burden caused by medical expenses.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, know that you are entitled to pursue legal action and receive compensation for the damages you’ve been made to suffer.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Basic Information

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A traumatic brain injury is among the most alarming medical conditions. A strong external force is applied to the head can cause significant damage to the brain and affect basic bodily functions and cognitive abilities. A forceful blow to the head caused by a serious accident can prove to be extremely devastating.

The effects of a traumatic brain injury will depend on the severity of the damage and the part of the brain that has been affected by the accident. In some cases, a blow to the head can be strong enough to cause permanent disability. In other cases, the injury can be temporary and the victim can regain full functionality. According to the website of the Oklahoma personal injury attorneys of the Abel Law Firm, the more particular effects of traumatic brain injuries include memory loss, cognitive and physical impairment, as well as psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and aggression.

The danger of traumatic brain injuries is that they can be difficult to spot. For some people, these types of injuries don’t lead to noticeable symptoms right away. These symptoms mostly take some before they can be alarming enough to warrant emergency assistance. For example, victims of a minor car accident might assume they don’t need medical attention because they don’t exhibit any alarming symptoms. However, after several hours, they might experience convulsions, seizures, and even loss of consciousness. This is why most first responders insist that victims be properly checked for early warning signs such as disorientation, confusion, headaches, loss of balance and coordination, and dilated pupils. It’s important for victims to have their injuries assessed right away in order to receive the appropriate treatment required of their injury.

Traumatic brain injuries are just one of the most devastating outcomes of accidents caused by the negligence or reckless of another party. Aside from car accidents, a traumatic brain injury can also be the result of physical assault or an explosion accident. The website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® adds that brain trauma is also possible after slip and fall accidents.

Estate Planning: The Importance of Making End-of-Life and Long-Term Care Arrangements

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As one grows older, the process of estate planning becomes more and more important. Putting one’s affairs in order and making all the necessary arrangements regarding a variety of important matters should become a priority.

Estate planning isn’t just about deciding how you’d want your properties and assets handled after passing on. It also entails making decisions regarding end-of-life and long-term care. Aside from finalizing how you’d want your personal property, real estate, investments, and other assets handled, estate planning also allows you to make crucial decisions that can help protect you and your interests.

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that there are a significant number of elderly individuals that fall victim to abuse. Tragically, approximately 90 percent of all the cases they were made aware of named a family member as the party responsible for the abuse. In most of these cases, the type of abuse the elderly experience is financial exploitation. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of times when the vulnerability of the elderly is exploited for financial gain. The fact that this can be done by those closest to the victim is even more heartbreaking and leaves a strong case as to why elderly individuals should take a more proactive role in arranging their affairs. Financial abuse and other cases of neglect can be easily prevented through proper end-of-life and long-term care planning.

Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities that allow for such active participation. According to the website of the Chicago elder law attorneys at Peck Ritchey, LLC, estate planning is a necessary step to ensuring that you will be properly protected and taken care of even when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Dry Socket: A Common Complication of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, majority of the population will need to have their third set of molars removed. Wisdom teeth usually become impacted and are unable to grow out normally. The molars end up getting trapped in the jawbone or gums, causing a lot of pain and swelling. Fortunately, the extraction of wisdom teeth is a standard surgical procedure and can easily be accomplished by an experienced dentist. Still, it’s important to note that even a typical procedure can have certain risks. For a wisdom teeth extraction, dry sockets are a common complication.

After a wisdom teeth extraction, the empty sockets where the molars once were should clot and protect the area that has been exposed. A dry socket occurs when a clot fails to form or has been dislodged after the operation. This leaves the nerves protected by the extracted molar to be exposed to anything that enters the mouth. Aside from excruciating pain, dry sockets can lead to an infection without proper treatment. Unless properly treated, a dry socket can cause excruciating pain and eventually lead to an infection.

Dry sockets are characterized by a sharp and throbbing pain that is usually intensified by eating and drinking, as well as a foul odor or taste that is coming from the site of the extraction. To address these symptoms, dentists clean the extraction site to remove debris and fill the empty socket with dressing soaked in medication. They will also prescribe the patient with over the counter pain medication to help ease any discomfort.

All in all, the most that can be done to address this common complication of impacted wisdom teeth extraction is to facilitate the healing process. In most cases, dentists instruct their patients on how they can flush out the extraction site and re-dress the empty socket on their own. An experienced dentist will communicate with patients on the ways they can take care of themselves while waiting for their extraction sites to properly heal.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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While vehicular accidents are known to happen quite frequently in the United States, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is pressed to emphasize the particular dangers of motorcycle crashes. According to their report, motorcycle accidents are reported to cause 26 times more fatalities than collisions involving other vehicles. Any experience car accident lawyer would point out that the dangers of motorcycles lie in the fact that these vehicles don’t provide as much protection as a typical passenger car would.

Because of these limitations, motorcyclists should take extra care during their commute. Following safety precautions and traffic regulations are a necessary step in preventing more motorcycle accidents from occurring. Learning more about the common causes of these accidents is another important part of the process.

The following are just some risky scenarios that are known to lead to motorcycle crashes:

  • While sudden-stop collisions typically results in minor damage for cars and larger vehicles, a motorcyclist in this situation can be forced off their bikes. Colliding with open car doors is also a typical problem, particularly in residential streets and busy areas.
  • Another factor that contributes to motorcycle accidents is the size and speed of the vehicles. Motorcycles are lithe and can maneuver through traffic easily. Unfortunately, this also leaves them vulnerable to getting hidden in blind spots of other vehicles.
  • In some cases, a motorcycle crash can also be due to hazardous road conditions. Mechanical defects and malfunction in the vehicle itself is another common factor that contributes to these deadly accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to very devastating outcomes. Those that manage to survive an accident can still suffer under the weight of severe injuries. For victims in a similar situation, it’s important to reach out for help and hold responsible parties accountable.

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