Car Insurance Do’s and Don’ts You Should Remember

Posted by in Car Insurance on Oct 14, 2016

Having car insurance can be a saving grace. When you get involved in an accident, your insurance policy can help you pay off the associated expenses. The website of LaMarca Law Group P.C., reveals that there are many reasons why getting a car insurance claim can be difficult on your part. In this article, we shall discuss the do’s and don’ts in filing a car insurance claim.


Call your agent as soon as you get involved in an accident that caused injuries to individuals. There are certain limitations that must be followed when filing a claim so let your agent know.

Review and understand the terms and conditions of your coverage before getting in touch with your insurance company.

Make sure to maintain a record of all your conversations with your insurance company as well as their contact numbers.

Take pictures of the accident scene, the damage to your vehicle, or your injuries


Avoid giving recorded or written statements to your insurance company until you are confident about the possible coverage you can get.

Don’t ignore time limits indicated on your policy. Most policies require the submission of proof of loss within the specified time limit.

Forget that you are binded with a contract with your insurance company. This is your assurance that your family will be protected and given the coverage you deserve. Insist about enforcing the agreement for the safety of everyone .

Sign release or waivers until you have consulted your lawyer for an understanding of your coverage. Make sure to read everything first before signing it after a thorough explanation.

Paying for medical expenses and other bills can be made easy with car insurance. Make sure that everything is in order or else your claims will immediately be killed as well.

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