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Posted by in Uncategorized on Oct 7, 2017

Amazon has introduced its Treasure Truck to Sacramento. The delightful truck is filled with all sorts of wonderful items, including the expected gadgets and novel technology, but also including things like gourmet food, outdoor gear, and local items.

The truck is one of Amazon’s latest innovations. In this case, Sacramento residents can order items through the Amazon app and then choose the location in the city they want to pick the items up at. They then go and meet the truck and get their stuff. It’s an easy and fun new way to shop Amazon.

It does not end there, though. Not only can a customer pick up items, but the trucks are also stocked with hand-selected specialty items that are designed to intrigue the locals. The idea is to pack the truck full of new, trendy items, and to let those who happen to be on the corner have a peek at what Amazon now has available.

Those who sign up for the app are also given privy information about special deals for the day. On the truck’s debut day, for instance, a Vitamix blender was only $298, a $150 savings.

The truck has so far been a hit with the Sacramento locals. It’s colorful design and sly, teasing contents are sure to keep many coming back regularly to see just what Amazon has in store for them.

Though trucks are not always the most popular vehicles on the road, Amazon’s innovation may be just the thing to raise the reputation of the large vehicle. Trucks are often seen as major hazards and inconveniences on the road, clogging lanes and slowing traffic. Here, though, Amazon offers anyone stuck behind the truck plenty to gaze at and enjoy while they wait.

Sacramento has joined the large list of American cities eagerly applying to become the home of Amazon’s second headquarters. After announcing recently that Amazon was looking for a city to place its second home and making a list of demands, most cities in America began preparing to present their best faces to the corporation in an effort to lure the headquarters—and a large number of jobs it would bring—to their area.

If the Treasure Truck is any indication, Sacramento has a fair chance at winning out. With the truck making regular deliveries already, Sacramento has the opportunity to show its love for Amazon by doing more than just clicking on a few items and waiting for them at the door.

Do your part to show how welcome Amazon would be in Sacramento by visiting the Treasure Truck soon. Get the app and find out about the fantastic deals. And hope Amazon sees what we all already know about our great city: there’s just no better place to set down roots and do great business than Sacramento.

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